Starting from
$29.00 USD

WordPress Migration
Continue to update your site during the migration and once completed, we will sync any new content. (This is only applicable when you are migrating to Pre-Approved Hosts. We DO NOT Support Sync on all Host, please contact us before you place an order for the same)

Preview & Approve
After completion of the migration, review and approve your new site before putting it live.

Move to
We will Migrate you to a New Hosting Service, move to a sub-domain or move from sub-domain to root. All the migration request can be fulfilled.

Value Added
Add additional support upgrades like DNS updating to your migration request, install and configure WordPress Firewall and any other advice that required will be given.

Post Migration Support
We are here to help even after the migration. We always value customer relationships.
$50.00 USD

Theme Installation in WordPress
Wordpress Installation
Theme Setup With Required Plugins
Demo Installation and setup to make website like demo
Search Engine Optimization Setup
Wordpress Security
Website Performance Setup (Better Load Speed and user experience)
Basic theme customizations (4 Maximum)
Feedback on your site how you can improve and get desired results. (Only feedback)
$40.00 USD

WordPress SSL HTTPS Setup Service
Realize the benefits of security and trust
Why you need an SSL
An SSL encrypts the info that users submit on a site to protect it from being read by unauthorized parties. HTTPS
// and a padlock in the web address indicate that the site has an SSL.
We will Install SSL Certificate on your website. Get SSL Certificate installed properly in your web server to secure and encrypt your website, WordPress Blog or your WooCommerce Site.
SSL Certificates offer the encryption and additional features to ensure your website is protected and meets the demands of today’s modern sites
Customers and visitors to your site will know that their browsing session is safe, and that payment details and personal information is kept secure and encrypted.
Once we install and move your WordPress site to HTTPS, it will ensure that your all content is served from HTTPS URL.
We will also install WordPress Firewall. WordPress firewall will protect your site with dangers like Bruteforce attacks, Block Abusive IP and prevent HTTP/SQL Injections to your WordPress files.
Additionally will do thorough analysis of your WordPress website to check for any security issues. All directories will be secured for direct access, and the .htacess to avoid unauthenticated access.
Most of the Browsers now trust SSL Connections.
One time Security Audits (Recurring Security Services available).
Cost Saving & Convenience Feature.
An SSL will make your website more trustworthy to customers as they will be sure that the info they submit will be secure (card numbers, login details).
Google officially ranks SSL-secured sites higher.